5Montana Tiedowns were created after several close calls while hauling expensive equipment in the back of my pickup truck and watching it slide around. No matter how I tied it in, there were always problems with either the tie down point or the length of the straps and bungee cords. I was looking for a safer tie down point. Montana Tiedowns would make it considerably easier and safer to attach straps and bungee cords to multiple points and be able to transport these expensive pieces of equipment without the worry of damage from moving around in the back of the truck on curves and bumps. Montana

Tiedowns are rigid enough to take a large amount of pressure from cargo straps. Bungee cords were usually either too long or too short and would not secure to regular tube type bed rails. This design eliminated that problem too. Most tube type bed rails are for decoration only. They do not recommend securing a load to the tubes.

The first set of Montana Tiedowns were chrome plated and then put to the test on my truck. As soon as I started driving around with them there were daily comments and many people pulling and tugging on them wondering where they could get their own set. This prompted me to get a design patent. We utilize multiple coating techniques and the results are a multitude of colors, textures and designs. The results have created unique looks and outstanding safety for many pickup trucks also while protecting the investment of the vehicle and the loads being transported.

This product is being made in the USA with all products used in the manufacturing also made in USA steel factories clear down to the welders and welding products. Montana Tiedowns were created in Butte, Montana and are as rugged as the Montana environment. With more trucks on the road, we believe this product will be well worth the investment and provide years of protection and safety. Thank you for considering the product. Montana Tiedowns is a registered trademark. Montana Tiedowns is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.